Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reason for Everything

There's a question I've got on the net which goes like this:
What if the reason for everything that happens is a BAD reason? Some people believe everything happens for a reason, but what if that reason is really really bad? Like... the creator is an alcoholic and just likes to mess with people's minds?

This kind of question automatically assumes that there is also a good reason behind every bad reasons. Because for a thing to be labelled "bad" there must be a "good" that will act as a reference of what is to be called "bad". And since the question starts with a "what if?", it is a hypothetical question therefore it cannot be answered with an exact factual principle because "what if not?".

Abstract Lights

Lights can be called abstract in its form but whatever form it takes, it is still, in its essence, a wave-particle. And in the simplest term possible, it is still called a "light", for that is what a wave-particle is.
Essence is important in giving an exact description and definition to anything.

God Pop's Up into Existence

There are some people who asks the question whether God just pops out into existence. Some asks this question to disprove God. Others inquire about it just out of curiosity. But that kind of question is rather quite confusing.
These are the reasons.
When we use the word "God" in essence we are saying "eternal existence" or the "eternally existent One" meaning no beginning and no ending. Therefore it logically follows that a "no beginning" entity, simply put a "God", cannot just "pop" itself up into existence because that would be in contradiction with the essence  "no beginning" or in other words a "no beginning" entity cannot pop himself up into existence because he simply is. So according to this logic, it logically follows that God simply is. He eternally is. What now does the question implicate? The question self destructs.

Evidence of the Existence of God

When the existence of God came into question it is imperative to know if we are referring to the same meaning of the word. Because some refer to "God" as the Source of our existence or The Creator or simply The Maker.Others have different notions. If that is your meaning of God then I believe that such a person exists. Simply because we are here on this planet, it is very impossible to think that we simply existed as human beings from the very beginning without a source.It would be very absurd to logic and systematic thinking into believing that we simply came to be without a "Maker" or a "Creator". Everything that we ever did as humans has a beginning from the minute details up to engineering and the highest technology ever invented.
Our history as humans forces us to believe that there is at least a beginning to many things here on earth especially those that we invented ourselves and nothing manmade could ever be called "manmade" without a man to create, invent or make it. Therefore, human history and present day-to-day experiences forces us to a conclusion that there is a Great Maker of at least the human species because we must have a beginning in order to exist. To conclude otherwise is to object to our own human-technology-and-invention experiences and history where we are the maker and creator of things so to speak.
So this is what i think.
I do not believe in a "God" because tradition or anybody else taught me. I believe in a Creator-God. I'm force to believe because of our own experiences as a human race and our capacity to invent things and because of our ingenuity.It would be illogical if we just came to be, as genius as we are, without someone who invented us and made us.
It is hard for us to believe that an aircraft, as sophisticated as it is, has to be without an inventor or someone who made it. How then could we easily believed that we as sophisticated, gene-imbedded human beings, came to be without someone, more intelligent than we are, who made us from the very beginning? It simply is not logical and it defies reason. Logic and reason forces me to believe in a Creator-God.

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