Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peace, anyone?

I know you have heard of the story of the little birds resting peacefully under their mother's wings while the storm passes by their nest up on a branch of the swaying tree. They have peace because they trust the mother bird. The little birds know their mom. They know their mom can protect them but that's not all. They also know that she will. They fully understand her character.

Know the person first and then you will be able to trust him to the extent of what you discovered about him. 

Having the knowledge of God's character will give a person a deep appreciation of God and a sense of awe which can translate into an unmovable trusting kind of faith.
Faith is not blind. It rests on hard evidence. Discover the evidence and you will have faith. Know whom you are putting your trust into. Know whom you are placing your life into. Find out what He is saying about Himself and see if it corresponds exactly to what He is doing.  If you find Him trustworthy, that is the only time you will experience peace in the midst of the storm because at the very moment that  you find the truth about Him, you will be compelled to trust Him. 
The moment you realized that one plus one equals two, no one in the world will be able to make you think otherwise.When you find Him true to His words, you are compelled to believe.
You will know that His wings will cover you. He will protect you. And He will never let go of you.

Know Him. Trust. Peace.

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