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Ethics and Disclosure

Dear Friends,

1. All the articles written are opinions of the author with reference to his personal life experiences.

2. All are true stories gleaned from his years of teaching and being with different communities unless otherwise quoted that it was from a book or somewhere else.

3. The names mentioned are real names with express permission from the person himself or authorized persons unless otherwise stated that it is fictional or if the post is referring about a fictional character from a book or from other sources.

4. All the articles will reflect and will adhere to universal moral principles such as truth, honesty and the like, now and at any other time.

5. The blog advertisements are not necessarily endorsed by the blog author unless specifically and clearly noted on the post itself. (Example: A book  regarding morality etc.)

6. The advertisements will directly or indirectly earn revenue for this blog. And the revenue will go to only where the author seems fit. For proper details email me at

7. The blog's author believes that it is quite ethical to write an article and at the same time earning a revenue from advertisements without diminishing the truth and essence being pointed in the written article.

8. For any inquiries regarding ethical issues or any other matter at all please feel free to email me at

Sincerely yours,