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Nothing else is in the mind of the writer but the hope that somehow the reader will find comfort by the realization that he is not alone. We maybe worlds apart but there is a universal truth that we all share and that is the existential reality of the other side of what we call good. It is not far from Aldous Huxley's observation when he said, "Maybe this world is another planet’s hell." Maybe at some point he was right. The question that starts with "why" hunts everyone at some particular point in their life. The writer and the reader share that common ground. I hope that the story of our joys and sobs,our pain and our comforts, our failures and triumphs, will lead us into a stunning discovery of where we can find rest at least for the time being so that we can gather enough strength again for the sake of our sons and daughters, for the parents that we love, for the sake of a friend, for the sake of that child lying sick on her bed, for the sake of those who look up to us.
If there is any consolation, let me just say, You are not alone. That is a timeless truth.

And by the way, you can disagree with the blog posts. That is alright. We can be disagreeing without becoming disagreeable. But we have a common ground and that is what matters most. I'm happy to serve you with the little that I have.
So Let's start connecting. You can call me Michael.

My previous header:
Thinking about life..flying birds...budding flowers and swaying trees. Gazing at the mountains and contemplating on the mystery of space and the charming splendor of the stars...thinking about family, friends and acquaintances and that kind stranger at the sidewalk...calling to mind those things that were and imagining the things that will be to make a sense and appreciation of the present. Ah! That stunning sense of wonder!

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